Ignorance is Bliss

It all started Super Bowl XLVII, innocently we joined our friend John-O at a watching party. I knew ahead of time that many attending were following the Paleo lifestyle. I did a bit of research on Nerdffitness.com’s The Beginners Guide to Paleo to see what we could take for food. After reading….I decided Ribs!

So we arrived at Wes’s home… A pot full of smoked ribs, Jay knocked it out of the park, no cokes and no beer… I had a feeling it was going to be a different kind of Super Bowl night… It was… We caught up with John-O, ate our fill of food. At some point we got on the subject of Jay’s RA and our WW journey… John-O suggested that eating Paleo could help his RA and get us to our next level of weight loss. He suggested a book by Robb Wolf, The Paleo Solution.

I fought the suggestion, I did not want to read… I did not want to try… I did not want to know if grain, corn or dairy bothered my system, you see Ignorance is Bliss! Awe, but the man upstairs has a way… You know SIGNS; well, ours came in the form of gas! Yep farts, cutting the cheese is what got us saying “damn you John-O!”

Jay bought the book… Began to read, and said “I thinks we should try this.” Me-“hell no, I’m not giving up my cheese”, but the gas continued… And a week later I was knee deep in the “leaky gut” chapter.

I was pissed!

I did not want to know what was happening at the cellular level. My BLISS was gone! I had no choice, but to make a choice… Ignore what I learned, or give it a honest try for 30 days.

So last Sunday when I planned out our menu, I tried to cut out all the gluten I could. I’d say the meals I prepped were 87%-94% gluten free. I felt better and finally some of the gas stopped. It must have been doing something inside, as I had a fantastic loss at WW this Saturday, 4.2 lbs. (WHOOP!)

Thursday, I went to frisco cross fit… I decided if I’m not getting cheese for 30 days. I better up my workouts to make it worthwhile. Just waiting on Cory or another coach to contact us to set up getting started.

This morning I awoke with a food hangover, oh but the chips and salsa were Delish! Dessert was heavenly, but the gut grumbling this morning at 6:00am not so much. Again I said “damn you John-O!” But now there is a plan.

Off to plan this week! I’ll post more later, meals, work-out, and maybe some before photos.


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