Meg’s Day One ~ Check

Done… It was a good day.

On plan for my food all day… Really happy with that!

Breakfast was a shake. Lunch was the longest drawn out salad… Eating while working some times works our well for stretching food. my snack was an apple and tbs of Almond Butter. Dinner… Was the bell pepper Alfredo we had left over. I was with in my points. No big snack attacks and no soda’s.


I’d like to say I hit 100% on my active link, but I forgot to wear it while at CrossFit. Ugh! The WOD was hard, Tons and tons of squats. I see handicap bathrooms in my future tomorrow. LOL! It felt good to at a gym. If my back behaves I think I will enjoy CrossFit if I survive the first month.

Off to shower and head to bed. Plan to walk and stretch in the morning before my Dr. Appointment. Swamped day at work this week. Will concentrate on being focused and not quite so scattered tomorrow. It will be interesting to see how this week goes with food.


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