Squats, squats, and more oh my!

Quick wrap up for me!

Food was on target. Shake, salad w/ chicken, celery w/almond butter, apple & fajita chicken, with grilled onion, bell peppers, mushrooms Mexican squash topped with some guacamole!

Felt good about what I could do at cross fit. Evidently we’re in a squat season. Joy! All I can think about is how it will get easier… Right? Cory cut my # of squats in 1/2 for the 3 Reps For Time RFT… Half was 5 not 10… In 13 min I did 25 squats and ran (almost all of it) 800 meters (200 at a time, 5 squats, run 5 squats… Well you get the picture, this was after the strength reps of 3×5 back squats. But for warm up it was jumping jacks and air squats & groiners. Oddly I like the groiners… Oh and all day I did a squat here a squat there to work through the soreness. Tomorrow I fear will be hell.

I was happy with today’s results. Not hitting the energy wall I’ve read about. Hoping that is not Sat. during the run. Asthma was trying to kick up, something outside was causing me to clog up! Speaking of running… I’ll be doing that tomorrow after work.

It is off to hit the showers, read some fluff…and sleep. Up early to walk tomorrow am is the plan!


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