T-Day…with a Paleo Twist

Well it’s holiday season, tailgating is over an just one more reg season watching party. Where did the year go?

I hate to say it, but I’ve gained a few pounds this football season… I know why, I stopped moving as much.

We started to train for a Santa Walk Run on the 14th. I’m in a boot for a stress fracture. Ugh! I should be out by the race, but probably will be walking vs running.

Back to Thanksgiving…. Ralph the Turkey has been smoked! a mess of sweet potatoes are in the oven now. Next Green Bean Casserole. Aiming to make it gluten free… We will see if anyone notices the difference. Next will be the stuffing. going to have to see how bad… Checked the package, not even close. Oh well a few dishes will and a few wont, but it will all be good! I’ve got the Impossible Pumpkin Pie to make, no crust & my baking mix is gluten free. We will see… Fingers crossed.

Off to go buy my pecan pie, it is 100% old school!


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