T-Day…with a Paleo Twist

Well it’s holiday season, tailgating is over an just one more reg season watching party. Where did the year go?

I hate to say it, but I’ve gained a few pounds this football season… I know why, I stopped moving as much.

We started to train for a Santa Walk Run on the 14th. I’m in a boot for a stress fracture. Ugh! I should be out by the race, but probably will be walking vs running.

Back to Thanksgiving…. Ralph the Turkey has been smoked! a mess of sweet potatoes are in the oven now. Next Green Bean Casserole. Aiming to make it gluten free… We will see if anyone notices the difference. Next will be the stuffing. going to have to see how bad… Checked the package, not even close. Oh well a few dishes will and a few wont, but it will all be good! I’ve got the Impossible Pumpkin Pie to make, no crust & my baking mix is gluten free. We will see… Fingers crossed.

Off to go buy my pecan pie, it is 100% old school!


To Sleep or to Blog, that was the question…

I have been bad in my blogging… However, I am happy to report that even though we have not reported in, we’ve stayed true to our 87%-94% Paleo Plan. It simply became an issue of blog or sleep. Wisely I chose sleep. Last week was a MESS of working late most nights, had we not planned our meals on Sunday, we would have cratered! But we did not and both of us had an EXCELLENT weigh in at Weight Watchers, -4.2 for me & –5.2 for Jay.

We spent Sunday night trying on all our clothes. I cleared out well over 70% of my pants. Now when we go to wear something it “fits”. I’ll be looking forward to the next cleanse in a month or two.

We missed CrossFit last week, but I did my “air” squats daily, and logged 13.5 miles walking & running. Saturday I did 3.24 miles  in 45.13 (that included a puppy poop and pick up) totally messed up my time! Sunday we did a mile and half (run/walk). I have found I really enjoy that moment when you find a rhythm & your lungs are not giving out. It has a Zen quality. NEVER in a hundred million years did I think I’d feel that way.

We hit CrossFit last night. Really happy I had been ‘air’ squatting daily. Now I’ll need to add in planking and counter push-ups. My plan is to run a minimum of 2 miles tonight & Thursday, that coupled with the 2 miles of walking m-f morning, plus 3.1+miles Saturday morning,  should make sure the scale will be friendly. (Right now I could use a nap!)

Last week Food – really proud of us!  


Shake – Loving the addition of coleslaw mix to the shakes, cannot tell I’ve added over 2 cups. Also, we are enjoying the almond milk.


Egg Cups – Theses rock!!! Muffin tin lined with Ham, crack an egg in each one, top with sauté leeks & green chilies, and splash of hot sauce. Bake 25 min at 350…


Salads for Meg & for Jay 3 salads and 2 Fajita Frittata


We score some good grub last week at the butcher(Hirsch’s in Plano), Waygu Top Sirloin Cap, oh MY! Honest it was delish! Is delish… yum!!! I can’t remember what all we ate. I just know as soon as dinner was “done” I was running to BED!

This Week’s Meals

Morning & Snacks the Same, in addition to Fruit & Almonds as needed

Dinners… the tentative schedule (subject to switch around based on mood)

Sunday: Waygu Hamburgers w/ bib lettuce as the “bun”, sweet tots, apple & carrots

Monday: Fajita Frittata – it was super yummy!

Tuesday: Teriyaki Beef w/pineapple, mandarin oranges, broccoli slaw, toasted sesame seeds and cashews, dried cranberries & Asian Dressing

Wednesday: Minute stakes, 1/3C sweet potato mash, cauliflower & salad

Thursday: Turkey (Chicken) Scaloppini w/asparagus, mushrooms, & leeks

Friday: Fajitas w/bib lettuce, veggies

Saturday: To be Determined…. It’s my B-Day!

I’m out… I really want a nap! I think the 4:45am is kicking my butt!

Meals Feb. 25 – March 2, 2013

Our first week eating an 87%-94% Paleo diet… We have some leftovers that have some “non” Paleo parts, but they are for the most part gluten free. I had a lot of the ingredients for the meals below in the fridge already. I’ve discovered that Paleo has removed all the easy food vehicles, bread & tortillas. Jay’s lunches were hard… We had the fajita meat cooked and portioned in the freezer, just what to do…. He may understand why I do a salad daily… Easy, little thought, I can pack up the whole week at once.

On the Egg Smoking Today:

4.79 lbs of Wild Salmon (to be frozen in portions)
15 lbs of Chicken Breast (to be frozen in portions)
Coconut Mojo de Ajo (garlic, roasted in oil with salt & lime)

Sunday prep:

Wash & prep salad veggies
Clean & slice leeks
Wash & bag lettuce
Make frittatas
Prep fennel

I best get back in the kitchen, the salmon is ready to be packaged. Also, I have yet to find a veggie prepping fairy. Later a workout plan will be posted & those before photos…


Shakes: Almond Milk & remaining milk, WW shake mix with instant coffee, coconut oil, slaw mix & egg white protein powder / or fruit & remaining Greek yogurt, coconut oil, slaw mix & egg white protein powder

Meg’s Lunches:

Salads: Smoked Chicken (5 to 6 oz), lettuce, bell pepper, celery, jicama, toasted pine nuts, crasians & good seasons dressing

Meg’s Workday Snacks:

Apples & almond butter
Celery & almond butter
Coconut milk yogurt / Leftover Greek yogurt.

Jay’s Lunches:

3 – Salads: Smoked Chicken (5 to 6 oz), lettuce, bell pepper, celery, jicama, toasted pine nuts, crasians & good seasons dressing
2 – Fajita Chicken Frittata w/ sauté bell peppers, onion

Jay’s Workday Snack:

Apples, Deli Meat, Almonds (pre-packaged)


1 – Chicken Fajita’s w/ grilled veggies
1 – Chicken Spaghetti, sauce with spinach and mushrooms, 1 cup gluten free pasta & salad
1 – Chirrizzo Chicken, leeks, mushrooms, kale, spinach sauté over 1cup gluten free pasta, with a roasted bell pepper Alfredo sauce

New Meals:

1 – Grilled Pork Chops, steamed Broccoli, 3 oz Alexia Sweet Potato Tots, Apple
1 – Chicken Spaghetti, sauce with spinach and mushrooms, served over sauté fennel & salad
1 – smoked Salmon, capers, lemon, power greens, leeks & mushroom sauté