Squats…getting easier! and other thoughts!

As we are in the 3rd week of adding strength training to our routine, finally the movements are getting easier!

Truly enjoying getting back to strength training! Our new gym Snap 24/7 Fitness has been just what I needed. That and adding the zooma run April 12th  for 10k instead of my usual 5k down near Austin is a great motivator. Can’t wait for a girls weekend! 🙂

Goals will be written this week. Planing a 6.2 mile run/walk Saturday morning!  Lots of e-mail pondering with Deb! This has been very helpful. Will work on getting some posted on the site.

Made the mistake of asking a question on the PaleoHacks Forum, only received one good answer, most comments kept saying how you can’t loose weight on Weight Watchers. Really? So the 100 pounds I’m down did not happen? UGH! I will not play out there again.  Not worth the energy drain…

I was down 2.2 last Saturday. Happy with my progress this year. I am going to only have 1 goal that is scale based since I keep telling Deb the scale is one of many tools! I’ll admit I really really really want to see my weight start with a “1” and not a “2”, but thrilled it is no longer a “3”. I know it will happen, maybe not at my desired pace, but it will.

Well I am going to try to add posts much more often. Maybe I can get Jay to ramble too.