Agave Nectar … Eek!

So Jay and I were having a nice Sunday morning, eating our Rusty’s Tacos and watching America’s Test Kitchen.
Then Chris talked about Honey having fructose, Jay asked “Wonder what the make up of Agave Nectar is?” I said “What was it Robb Wolf said in The Paleo Solution about Fructose, that it was the crazy Aunt?”

It was the Drunk Aunt… And damn it now I have to re-re-read the defcon 1-3 again.

Well that lead us into a morning of reading an research. I’ll add links and such later, but It seems Agave Nectar has more Fructose than… Wait for it… Wait… High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Ugh. Problem with this journey… Can’t seem to unLearn things.

More to come this week on this entry.