Day 2 – Almost in the books

Good day, ready for bed, but just got home from work. Late night… At 6:00 pm I needed a snack. I grabbed an apple and a tbs of almond butter… I really wanted popcorn!

So lets re-cap:


I did not get in my walking done, yet. Not sure I have it in me to do at 9:30 pm. I did do about 50 squats, trying to loosen up the soreness after squat-a-plalooza yesterday.


AM – shake, made with almond milk not too bad.
Noon – Pan Seared Telapia, top with mangos and avocados with 2 sides of steamed broccoli @ Chilis!
Snack – Apple and almond butter & a bunch of gum.
PM – Spicy Chicken Sausage, spaghetti sauce, mushrooms, spinach & a cup of quinoa pasta (I’ve got most off my pasta left over)
Beverages – water, and my shake… Yep 2 days no sodas.


At chilies … I did not eat any chips, and I did not feel all that deprived. I think I was just happy to be away from my desk. Stayed out of the popcorn, cookies and cheese that is all in the break room.

Well that’s day 2, tomorrow is a CrossFit day, eek! I’m off to bed…